Samstag, 23. März 2013


as technological research anticipates extensive biomimikry, our virtual body lulls the carnal one to sleep.
How is it possible to drain the pollutants of alienation that rotten in some forgotten corners of our cyborgian existence? With brains that hover somewhere above the body-mind interdependency – specialized senses, breeded like crops in a hothouse, lead to outweigh the integrality of flesh+spirit.
In order to start re-integration, let's wet our skin by drops of fluid consiousness, stretching out sinews and flexing internal chambers to break cellular automatons in an act of igneous differentiation.
Participate in the attempt to put the body in a wormhole of fractal dimension!

 Fri. 29. March – mo.e
(Thelemang. 4/1, 1170 Wien)

No Pavarotti (KLaNGundKRaCH, CZ)
Abraxas Apparatus (lo-fi/sci-fi records, D)
Java Delle (TimTimTonTraeger, D) & Legion of Swine (GB)

No Pavarotti

Abraxas Apparatus

Java Delle & Legion of Swine

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