Samstag, 13. April 2013

Architects of trajectory,
etch the beauty in somatics of tropic gale!
The bodyless eye is serving as the archpriest of a new theology, while the neglected remaining organs of perception hold the potential to inweaving us into the flesh of the world in actu. Is all consciousness really perceptual consciousness, and the flesh the matrix of the very existence? Actually our body is not in space like things, it rather inhabits or haunts space. So by diffusing ametropies of phenomena, try pushing things forward and get lost in the realms of true phantasms.
Devote yourself to dissociation!

Thu. 25. April – Fluc

HighWolf (Not Not Fun, Holy Mountain, Winged Sun, Sun Ark, F)
Raju Arara (Ultra Eczema, A)
Margaret Unknown (Pre-Release EBÓ, A)
Michael Giebl (Transformer, former Future Echo)
Iko Kiko (Struma + Iodine)

High Wolf

 Raju Arara

Margaret Unknown 

Sonntag, 7. April 2013

the idea of the extensibility of the self may be a pertinent tool in the crisis of meaning.
While our brainwaves are hunted down persistently, the personal subconscious and the vegetative soul are pullulating undiscovered in tribes of aboriginal archetypes.
Enforce your self-sustaining energies to enable ecstasy in a perpetual motion of full-blown neoplatonic unity.
It's the cosmologic creature - breathing joy-drivenly, huffing and puffing in your veins,
dazzling in golden shades on the brinks of climax.
Gather around the bonfire of happenstances.
Wood will be burning but it's the quilting bees that make the honey float.

Fri. 12. April – mo.e
 (Thelemang. 4/1, 1170 Wien)
Eternal Zio (Boring Machines, IT)
Eric Arn & Grisi Van Humbug (Primordial Undermind, USA/A)

Eternal Zio

Eric Arn & Grisi Van Humbug

Eric Arn