Dienstag, 13. November 2012

the next ceremonial massage is going to be held.
Join in and let sunsoaked rainbows pour down on you from liquid cirrus clouds. 
Swirl to faint drums of memory to set yourself free for the invocation of your own opaque dreamachine!

Dienstag, 6. November 2012

Sat. 17. November – Ve.Sch

Former Selves (Bridgetown Records, US)
Tidal (Aguirre, UK)
Nachtbote (SF Broadcasts, AUT)

Superskin (SF Broadcasts, AUT)

Former Selves



Donnerstag, 1. November 2012

Beloved girls&boys,
after proceeding to disseminate our ectoplasmic crops, the next potlatch will take place!
Let's vibrate and weld together in orgone accumulators collecting energy from rainbowish entrancing cascades of Cankun, marble psychonautic pulsations of VIV (former Cruise Family) and magnetized flash-flickering beats by THUNDERDRONE.
Dance in dream shirts and spread the liquids!