Mittwoch, 18. September 2013

This season SI continues dredging out new patterns of vibrancy in an attempt to veer away from the presupposition of 1+0 as the ultimate formula - keeping trace of pulses that are jerking our organs and hovering brains that are backing up for the future. Light is evaporating in unidentified skies. Let's dig for vertex-transitive holes - this kid needs new toys! 

Thu. 19. September 21:00 - Topkino
(Experimental Videos by)

Takashi Makino - [2012] (JP, 2013, 30:00, 3D)

Rei Hayama - A Child Goes Burying Dead Insects (JP, 2009, 12:00)

Steffen Levring - Lines (GB, 2012, 8:00)

Didi Bruckmayr - Dark Liquidity (A, 2012, 6:33)

Artist Undisclosed - Jung An Tagen (VIV, A, 2013, 15:00)